Ne dites pas non, vous avez souri — Sangalli sisters

If we have to think about role models or women that inspired us in our path most of them come from nothing but they had everything inside: the courage to keep going, no matter what, and the certainty that you will arrive somewhere.

Bed time stories, Lampoon

Bed time stories

Biology is the less than what makes someone a mother. There is no phase of my life – up until her death a few years ago – in which I do not remember her being by my side.

The boy and the barbie, Lampoon

The boy and the barbie

Those who are afraid of the skirt – still today, films in which the objective ‘feminine’ or some of it derivatives are handled to a male to make them lost every dignity

Sebastiano Mauri photography, Lampoon

Love on and off stage

Theatre doesn’t leave leftovers, it is full contact between the spectator and the show – you can’t bring it home to then resell at Christie’s, or on eBay, according to expectations