Editor in Chief

the Editor in Chief Carlo Mazzoni
It could be chronicle or literature – prototype stands for positive, resilient, operative people – as we are. Prototype is about challenging ourselves with experimental assets, it’s about turning the other cheek – we have cried enough – and face a brave new world.
The attitude of a contemporary day — beyond equal rights, beyond pride, and beyond shame: we are fluid. The word defines an identity that is undefined. Not gay or straight nor male or female. Water flows between our fingers in the light of the day.
As her fashion show came to a close this September, Miuccia Prada spoke with journalists: she said she had wondered whether launching a new collection was the right thing to do at a time when people already own too much and should be learning to make do with less — for the good of the planet.
Time is an issue that cannot be surmounted. Rocks have to be broken; it takes time. A castle has to be built; it takes eight years. For as much as we talk about craft — making and re-making, constructing and fine-tuning the details — time is still an element, just like wood, lime, iron, and stone.